Thursday, September 22, 2011

Designs by Alicia P.

Fashion and Jewelry Lovers looking for statement pieces with Uber Hauteness?!...then you need to checkout Designs by Alicia P.! 
Designer Alicia Piller, has always had an eye for the arts, with a passion for painting, her crafty skill set evolved into constructing a very unique line of jewelry. Drawing inspiration from nature, diverse cultures and past times with her father, Alicia’s designs are absolutely captivating! I can guarantee you’ve never seen such unique creations on the market to date, and Alicia has definitely created a niche in the world of accessories!

With hard-work and dedication to her passion, over the years Alicia has really made an impact with her jewelry collection. Working with stylists and participating in various tradeshows/events Designs by Alicia P. has been an ongoing growth process! Currently selling in Annie Creamcheese (Vegas), Neda Boutique (Brooklyn), MoCada Museum (Brooklyn), Alicia P. & Harriets by Hekima Store at the DeKalb Market (Brooklyn). In the years to come, Alicia is looking forward to selling in Bergdorf Goodman and exclusive boutiques globally! So make sure you checkout Designs by Alicia P. STAT!

 After the Holiday’s Alicia will be working on a new collection that I’m sure will be just as beautiful and intriguing as the last, so stay tuned and stay connected!

Checkout Alicia P.
Twitter: @aliciapdesigns

Now without further adieu…checkout the remarkable creations from Alicia P!

Designs by Alicia P. has been featured in
The Fader Magazine
Time Out New York
Luire Magazine
Clutch Magazine
H.A.S Magazine
MetroMix New York

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