Thursday, July 14, 2011


Graphic Tees are Statement Pieces with Attitude!
Often associated with casual looks, Grapic Tees can be a versatile piece when creating a look.

 Most will tend to pair with jeans and sneakers, but time to get creative and explore your options
when creating Fashion-Forward Looks!

Casual- denim skirt, with andals or flats can really make this look pop!

Elegant-shorts/skirt with jazzy booties or pumpss and don't forget the stacked accessories!

Fun and Funky-shorts with chucks are always fun!

Punk/Grunge-grab the combat boots and leggings!

Other fun additions to consider, add a vest or blazer!

Whatever the Pairing,own your look and make it unique to you an your style!
Be Chic! 


  1. Hey!

    I'm torn between photos 2 & 3. But of course, photo 3 is who will win :)

  2. Always kid at heart! Love it! :)