Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Jessica Simpson Collection

If you haven't heard by now Jessica Simpson' Fashion Empire is about to break $1 Billion. Now I've only been drawn to her shoes and accessories, never really paid attention to her clothing, but after hearing the news I was compelled to checking out her line. I must say I was impressed, she has some very fashionable and classic items, so I can see why her business has been successful to date. The collection is not overly trendy and consumed with logos which I ultimate love. Fashion is about creativity and mixing up flavor, one's style should not just reflect a logo but show range with aesthetic, comfort and diversity!

Checkout a few of my favorite pieces from Jessica's Collection below

Beth Tweed Coat

Jessica Plaid Ruffle Coat

Sequins Faux Wrap Dress

Drape Neck with Studs

Perrozi Boot

Cheetah Shoe

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