Monday, October 18, 2010

The Gwen Beloti Collection

After being referred to Gwen Beloti by one of my fashion connections via Twitterville, I was excited to see such a passionate young designer really trying to make her brand one of the top upcoming women’s brand in NY!
I met Gwen about 2 weeks ago and she was extremely enthusiastic and all about the biz. Nothing more inspiring than seeing a hardworking young lady trying to build her name and make a difference as well!
With a strong passion for fashion, Gwen started her collection a few years ago and she’s really creating a buzz in the industry.  Her designs are very vibrant and funky, with a contemporary spin on classic retro vintage!  The Ultimate Indie Label for the fashionable diva!
Not only is Gwen Beloti passionate about fashion, but feels very strongly about supporting social action within the community. “The Gwen Beloti Collection does more than produce garments. We use our resources to give back to the community.”  Being involved in a few great charitable projects that help disadvantaged young women, Gwen is really making strides by utilizing her humanitarian efforts from an independent standpoint. Fashion Designer, Philanthropist and Role Model, go Gwen!
Currently wrapping up her Spring 2011 Look Book, Gwen is working on new designs for the upcoming seasons along with, actively supporting her social action projects: Fashionably Smart, Literally™, Little Dresses for Africa and Prom Dress to Impress™!  With a full work load ahead of her, Gwen is definitely a go getter and fabulous designer to keep an eye on!
In the next few years Gwen hopes to have her collection in boutiques across the country, along with expanding the collection’s social action outreach. Not only do the customers have something great to look forward to, but Gwen as well! All I see is positivity and great things in store for this talented indie designer.
To stay updated with Gwen and her collection checkout her blog and site: you can also find Gwen on Facebook and Twitter! By all means get acquainted with this designer on the rise and support her movement!
Checkout some of the fabulous items from Gwen’s Spring 2011 Look Book Below

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  1. Her style is bold and I'm feeling it. Gwen Beloti will be the next big fashion designer.